We are working on something interesting

It is still in the Alpha version, but we want to tell you what it is about.

Plitbox is a digital platform for educational entities or companies that generate education or learning.

The system allows to carry out administrative and academic procedures efficiently, elegantly and simply.


Dashboard with information for the user with data and performance graphs.


Control and data of the Courses.


Section of user's financial statements.


Calendar with information on course activities.

Course Information

The user will have access to all the information of the courses he is taking:

  • General information and activities of the course.
  • Distribution of course points.
  • General results.


The system has support in Spanish and English.

Templates / Themes

Option to change the appearance of the system.

Try the Demo

You can already try a preliminary version.


Join our English community of Plitbox in Slack.

Other Services

Check other services that we can offer you.

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